Will of William Means of Blount County, Tennessee

In the name of God Amen.    I William Means of Blount County and State of Tennessee being of perfect mind and memory Blessed be God, I do this fifth day of December in the year of our Lord 1810 make and publish this my last will and testament.    In the manner following that is to say I allow all my lawful and Just debts to be paid.    I will and bequeath to my wife Sarah the bay horse and saddle the house, and her living of the lower End of the place while she lives and her bead and clothes and the third of the sheep.    I will and bequeath fifty dolers to my daughter Isabel and a colt of Pegg's Mair and the Cubert(?) and the big kettle and the loom and her bead and clothes and weaning colts and her saddle two cows and calves and the third of the sheep.    I will and bequeath unto my daughter Mary the Gospel Sonnetts and Halls C                 (?).    I will and bequeath unto my daughter Elisabeth two books Dodridge and Brothrs. Reign of Grease.   I will and bequeath unto my son James two Book B       (?)   B      (?) in       (?) The Covenents.    I will and bequeath unto my son William two book Gilpen on Temptation and the life of Colonel Carver(?).    I will and bequeath unto my daughter Margret the Sorrel Mair and saddle her bead and her clothes and two cows and two calves and the third of the sheep and the remainder of the housel [sic household] furniture divided equally between the old woman and Isbel and Margret and ten dollars to Margret and Isbel and Margret the living the living [sic] of the place while,     [There is a space here where something appears to be left out of the transcription.]    I will and bequeath unto my loveing Son John a hundred and fifty acres of land, running a straight line across the upper end of the place alike at both ends,, and the half of the farming tools, a black mair and saddle and a Gun.    I will and bequeath unto my son Ormond the lower end of the place and the pomfey(?) horse and his saddle and the wagon is to be between John and Ormond while living to geather and if John moves off the plantation the wagon becomes Ormonds, a two year old heifer to John and a yearling heifer to Ormond and Ormond is to have a bushel and a half of Falks(?) seed yearly and two acres(?) of Cotton ground yearly, and the living thats left after all Lawful debts are paid goes to the       (?) of the land and Jack is to have his liveing off the lower end of the place and I hereby make and order(?) my friends James McKemy and William Gault Executers of this my last will and testament(?) in witness whereof the said William Means have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal the day and year above written.
Signed Sealed and published           William Means       [Seal]
and declared by the said Wm Means the testator of his(?) Last will and testament in the presence of us who were present at the time of signing and sealing thereby      (?) before       (?)
          David McKemy
          Patrick Culton

State of Tennessee       )
Blount County       )
      December Sessions 1811
      Then was the execution of the within will proven in open court by David McCamy and Patrick Culton and admitted to record.     [Seal]     In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my private seal haveing no seal of office at office this 29th Day of December 1811 and 36 year of American Independence
          J Houston CBC

Transcribed by Linda F. Wood from Blount County, Tennessee, Will Book 1, pgs. [On microfilm at the Maryville, Tennessee, Public Library]

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