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Descendants of Thomas Brooks

Generation One

1. Thomas1 Brooks; Thomas Brooks was born circa 1795 in (Spartanburg County?) South Carolina;1,2 m. Prudence Story, daughter of John Story, 30 Sep 1818, in Jasper County, Georgia. The certificate states:
Georgia Jasper County
I hereby certify that Thomas Brooks and Prudy Story were duly joined together by me in the bonds of Matrimony this 30th day of September 1818 --
Registered March the 10th 1819
Will. W. Kennon J.P.
Robert Robey C.C.O;3,4

Evidently Prudence died rather young, because Thomas married Hepsibeth (--?--) before 1860, in Georgia.   Thomas married a third time Sarah (Fincher?) between 1860 and 1870.

He died circa 1870 in Spalding County, Georgia.5

Thomas' first wife, Prudence Story, was born circa 1798 in North Carolina.6

Known children of Thomas1 Brooks and Prudence Story were as follows:

The second wife of Thomas Brooks, Hepsibeth (--?--), was born circa 1820 in South Carolina.

Known child of Thomas1 Brooks and Hepsibeth (--?--):

Thomas Brooks' third wife was Sarah (Fincher?), who was widowed at Thomas' death.  Sarah married Dr. H. A. Hatten on 18 Dec 1870, in Spalding County, Georgia.9

There were no known children of Thomas1 Brooks and Sarah (--?--).

Generation Two

2. Mary2 Brooks (Thomas1); Mary Brooks was born circa 1822 in Georgia; she married Francis L. Williams on 24 Jan 1839, in Henry County, Goergia.

Known children of Mary2 Brooks and Francis L. Williams, all born in Georgia, were as follows:

3. Francis M.2 Brooks (Thomas1); Francis M. Brooks was born circa 1824 in Georgia; Francis married Mary (--?--) before 1856, in Georgia.10

Known children of Francis M.2 Brooks and Mary (--?--) both b. in Georgia were as follows:

4. Moses Terrell2 Brooks (Thomas1); Moses married Miriam Stephens, daughter of John Washington Stephens and Miriam E. Burkhalter, 1 Sep 1843, in Henry County, Georgia;13 Moses Terrell Brooks died before 1860(?) in Georgia.14

Miriam Stephens. Miriam Stephens was born on 2 Jun 1825.15

Known children of Moses Terrell2 Brooks and Miriam Stephens all b. in Georgia were as follows:

5. William J.2 Brooks (Thomas1); William married Martha Stephens, daughter of John Washington Stephens and Miriam E. Burkhalter; William J. Brooks was born 22 Oct 1827 in Georgia;23 William J. Brooks died 27 Feb 1912 in Georgia at age 84; bur. in The Rock Cemetery, Fayette(?) County, Georgia.

Martha Stephens was buried in The Rock Cemetery, Fayette County, Georgia. Martha Stephens was born on 27 Apr 1823 in Georgia. Martha Stephens died on 11 Apr 1896 in Georgia at age 72.

Known children of William J.2 Brooks and Martha Stephens all b. in Georgia were as follows:

6. Lucy Jane2 Brooks (Thomas1); Lucy Jane Brooks was born circa 1828 in Georgia; Lucy married John William Stephens, son of John Washington Stephens and Miriam E. Burkhalter, 6 Aug 1843, in Henry County, Georgia;24 Lucy Jane Brooks died 20 Sep 1888 in Fam Cem, near Fairburn, Fulton County, Georgia.25

John William Stephens was buried in Family Cem, near Fairburn, Fulton County, Georgia.26 John William Stephens was born on 14 Mar 1821 in Georgia. John William Stephens died on 2 May 1864 in Atlanta, Georgia, at age 43.27

Known children of Lucy Jane2 Brooks and John William Stephens were as follows:

7. Martha Jane2 Brooks (Thomas1); b. 5 Nov 1831 probably in Henry County, Georgia;34,35 At age 20 Martha married Joseph Travis Fincher, son of Joseph Fincher and Mary Perry Horn, 15 Jan 1852, in Henry County, Georgia;36 Martha Jane Brooks died 29 Jan 1908 in Pike County?, Georgia, at age 76.37,38

Joseph Travis Fincher. Joseph Travis Fincher was born on 1 Jun 1823 in Mecklenberg County, North Carolina.39,40,41 In a ceremony performed by John N. Mangham, J.P, Joseph Travis Fincher at age 20 married Eliza Barrett, daughter of William M. Barrett, Sr. and Mary James, on 21 Sep 1843 in Pike County, Georgia.42 He died on 27 Dec 1903 in West Macon, Bibb County, Georgia, at age 80. He passed away during a Christmas visit at the home of his daughter, Sallie Cates.43 He was buried at Fincher Memorial Cemetery, Meansville, Pike County, Georgia. Joseph is buried in the same plot as his first wife and his daughter Emma.44 His obituary of 28 Dec 1903 states: "CITIZEN OF PIKE COUNTY SUCCUMBS.

Mr. J. T. Fincher Died Suddenly While on a Visit to His Daughter-Remains Will Be Carried to His Home for Burial.

Mr. J. T. Fincher, a well-known citizen of Pike county, died yesterday at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. W. T. Cates, 504 Broad street, East Macon, after only a few hours' illness. Mr. Fincher had come to Macon to spend the holidays with his daughter, and was in good health until he was stricken ill a few hours before his demise. Mr. Fincher was 81 years os age, and resided at Meansville. He was a Confederate veteran and a resident of Georgia for nearly all his life, and was prominently connected in Pike county.

Relatives were notified of his death and his remains will be taken to his old home today for burial."

The "Barnesville News Gazette" of 7 January 1904 published the same obituary with the following addition: "Relatives were notified of his death and his remains were brought to Barnesville on the train and carried to Meansville and buried.

Mr. Fincher had a great many friends throughout this county who mourn his death."45,46

Known children of Martha Jane2 Brooks and Joseph Travis Fincher all b. in Pike County, Georgia, were as follows:

8. Thomas Jefferson2 Brooks (Thomas1); Thomas Jefferson Brooks was born 10 Oct 1829 in Henry County, Georgia;52 Thomas Jefferson Brooks died 7 Apr 1890 in Griffin, Spalding County, at age 60.53

His obituary of 11 Apr 1890 states:

Capt. Thomas J. Brooks died at his residence in this city shortly before 10 o'clock Monday night from the results of injuries received the same afternoon, caused by a runaway team of mules and wagon. He was born on the 10th day of October, 1829, near this city, in what was then Henry County but is now Spalding, and was in his 61st year. He married here when about twenty years of age. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity for 39 years and a member of the Knights of Honor. By the latter order his family will get an insurance benefit of $2,000. He had just six days before he was hurt taken out an accident policy, which will leave the family an additional $5,000.00. He leaves a wife and seven children. Of these children several are married, two of them J. C. and J. A. Brooks, living in this city..54

Sarah A. Prothro. Sarah A. Prothro was born CA 1836 in Georgia.

Known children of Thomas Jefferson2 Brooks and Sarah A. Prothro were as follows:

9. Caroline Elizabeth2 Brooks (Thomas1); Caroline Elizabeth Brooks was born circa 1834 in Henry County, Georgia;55 Caroline married Jefferson Carriker, son of Frances(?) (--?--), 9 Dec 1860, in Spalding County, Georgia;56 Caroline Elizabeth Brooks died 22 Jul 1922.

Jefferson Carriker. Jefferson Carriker was born on 5 Jun 1838 in Pike County, Georgia.57

Known children of Caroline Elizabeth2 Brooks and Jefferson Carriker both b. in Georgia were as follows:

Generation Three

10. Prudence Emma3 Fincher (Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Prudence Emma Fincher was born 17 Jan 1854 in Pike County, Georgia; At age 21 Prudence married John W. Achord 4 Jan 1876, in Pike County, Georgia;60 Prudence Emma Fincher died 3 Sep 1879 in Pike County, Georgia, at age 25;61 bur. in Fincher Memorial Cemetery, Meansville, Pike County, Georgia.62

John W. Achord. John married an unknown person after 1880.63

Known children of Prudence Emma3 Fincher and John W. Achord both b. in Pike County, Georgia, were as follows:

11. Amanda Caroline "Callie"3 Fincher (Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Amanda Caroline "Callie" Fincher was born 6 Dec 1855 in Pike County, Georgia;66,67 At age 19 Amanda married Thomas E. Whittle, son of Alexander Whittle and Ellande (--?--), 26 Dec 1874, in Pike County, Georgia;68 Amanda Caroline "Callie" Fincher died 27 Feb 1930 in Ft. Gaines, Georgia, at age 74;69,70 bur. in Glenwood Cemetery, Thomaston, Upson County, Georgia.71,72

Her obituary of Feb 1930 states: Caroline Fincher's obituary mentions these children:

Mrs. H. D. Smith, Mrs. J. C. Moore and Mrs. B. F. Williamson, Jr., of Macon

Mrs. J. L. Johnson, Atlanta

Mrs. E. P. Sappington, Fort Gaines, Georgia

W. A. and Elwood Whittle of Thomaston

J. T. Whittle (former mayor of Brunswick)

A. E. Whittle of Eufaula, Alabama.73

Thomas E. Whittle. Thomas E. Whittle was born on 21 Nov 1851 in Georgia.74,75 Thomas E. Whittle died on 21 Jul 1921 at age 69.76 He was buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Thomaston, Upson County, Georgia.77

Known children of Amanda Caroline "Callie"3 Fincher and Thomas E. Whittle were as follows:

12. George Jefferson3 Fincher (Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); George Jefferson Fincher was born 16 Mar 1858 in Pike County, Georgia; m. Harriett Perilla Haynes, daughter of David Haynes and Harriett Horn, 1 Jul 1879 in Pike County, Georgia. Joseph T. Fincher states in his diary, 1 July 1879 entry: Gorge and John Achord went to Barnesville on thir return Gorge stoped at Elie Lifsey and was maried to Riler Crabb which was mutch to my sorow (presumably because Harriett Perilla Haynes Crabb was a widow with two sons and was several years older than George);82 George Jefferson Fincher died 19 Mar 1913 in Pike County, Georgia, at age 55; bur. in Methodist Church Cemetery, Zebulon, Pike County, Georgia; grave marker is illegible.83

Harriett Perilla Haynes. Harriett Perilla Haynes was born in Mar 1851 in Montgomery?, Alabama; (Harriett could have been born in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, rather than in Montgomery.).84,85 At age 17 Harriett married Seymore T. Crabbe on 2 Apr 1868, in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. The wedding was performed by by J. R. Plant, J.P.; Robert Breedlove was bondsman.86 Harriett Perilla Haynes died on 9 Mar 1928 in LaGrange, Georgia, one day before death of her daughter-in-law Julia Elrod Fincher -- first wife of Herman C. Fincher, Sr.87 She was buried in Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.88

Known children of George Jefferson3 Fincher and Harriett Perilla Haynes were as follows:

13. Eliza Elizabeth3 Fincher (Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Eliza Elizabeth Fincher was born 8 Sep 1863 in Pike County, Georgia;89,90 At age 20 Eliza married John Bennett Reid 3 Feb 1884, in Pike County, Georgia; bur. in Fincher Memorial Cemetery, Meansville, Pike County, Georgia;91 Eliza Elizabeth Fincher died 1941 in Pike County?, Georgia.92,93

John Bennett Reid. John Bennett Reid was born on 7 Sep 1854 in Pike County, Georgia.94 John Bennett Reid died on 23 Dec 1935 in Pike County?, Georgia, at age 81.95,96 He was buried in Fincher Memorial Cemetery, Meansville, Pike County, Georgia.97

Known children of Eliza Elizabeth3 Fincher and John Bennett Reid were as follows:

14. Gilliard A.3 Fincher (Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Gilliard A. Fincher died in Viena, Georgia; Gilliard A. Fincher was born 31 May 1867 in Pike County, Georgia; At age 18 Gilliard married J. Clement Slade, son of Samuel G. Slade and Fanny (--?--), 4 Dec 1885.

J. Clement Slade. J. Clement Slade was born circa 1867 in Georgia.100

Known children of Gilliard A.3 Fincher and J. Clement Slade were as follows:

15. James Travis3 Fincher, Sr., (Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); James Travis Fincher, Sr., was born 25 Aug 1869 in Pike County, Georgia;103,104 At age 23 James married Claudia Maie Aldredge, daughter of James Lester Aldredge and Marietta A. Means, 22 Dec 1892; James Travis Fincher, Sr., died 4 Jan 1940 in Smyrna, Cobb County, Georgia, at age 70;105,106,107 bur. in Fincher Memorial Cemetery, Meansville, Pike County, Georgia.108,109

Claudia Maie Aldredge. Claudia Maie Aldredge was born on 4 Mar 1872 in Houston County?, Georgia.110,111 Claudia Maie Aldredge died on 5 Jan 1953 in Atlanta, Georgia, at age 80.112,113

Known children of James Travis3 Fincher, Sr., and Claudia Maie Aldredge all b. in Pike County, Georgia, were as follows:

16. Sarah Lillie (Sallie)3 Fincher (Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Sarah Lillie (Sallie) Fincher was born 1 Mar 1872 in Pike County, Georgia;128 At age 20 Sarah married William Cates, son of Robert Cates and Susan (--?--), 30 Oct 1892, in Pike County, Georgia; Sarah Lillie (Sallie) Fincher died 2 Sep 1936 in Alto, Habersham County, Georgia, at age 64.129

William Cates. William Cates was born in Jul 1868 in Henry County, Georgia.130 William Cates died on 19 Dec 1935 in Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, Georgia, at age 67.131

Known children of Sarah Lillie (Sallie)3 Fincher and William Cates were as follows:

17. Albert Blumer3 Fincher (Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Albert Blumer Fincher was born 9 Mar 1874 in Pike County, Georgia;140 At age 32 Albert married Minnie Wright 28 Oct 1906, in Pike County, Georgia; Albert Blumer Fincher died 25 Mar 1946 in Atlanta, Georgia, at age 72;141 bur. in Fincher Memorial Cemetery, Meansville, Pike County, Georgia.142,143

Minnie Wright was buried in Baptist Cemetery, Zebulon, Georgia. Minnie Wright was born on 9 Sep 1882. Minnie Wright died on 20 Oct 1935 in Georgia at age 53.

Known children of Albert Blumer3 Fincher and Minnie Wright were as follows:

Generation Four

18. William Alexander4 Whittle Sr. (Amanda3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); William Alexander Whittle Sr. was born 6 Dec 1875;144 William married Augie Green Bush;145,146 William married Lucille Crawford;147 William Alexander Whittle Sr. died 13 Aug 1942 at age 66 His obituary lists eight surviving children:

Mrs. R. D. Hand, Opelika, Alabama

Mrs. T. D. Joiner, Washington, DC

Mrs. L. D. Brown, Kingsport, Tennessee

Mrs. H. F. Houseworth, Atlanta, Georgia

Mrs. L. L. Keefer, Talladega, Alabama

Mrs. J. G. Burtchell, Atlanta, Georgia

W. A. Whittle, Jr., Atlanta, Georgia

James E. Whittel, Atlanta, Georgia;148,149 bur. in Glenwood Cemetery, Thomaston, Upson County, Georgia.150

Augie Green Bush. Augie Green Bush was born on 4 Sep 1878.151 Augie Green Bush died on 22 Mar 1930 at age 51.152 She was buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Thomaston, Upson County, Georgia.153

Known children of William Alexander4 Whittle Sr. and Augie Green Bush were as follows:

There were no known children of William Alexander4 Whittle Sr. and Lucille Crawford.

19. Lena4 Whittle (Amanda3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Lena Whittle died in Macon, Georgia; Lena married Harry D. Smith; Lena Whittle was born before Sep 1879.

Known children of Lena4 Whittle and Harry D. Smith were:

20. John T.4 Whittle (Amanda3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); John T. Whittle died in Brunswick, Georgia; John married Louise (--?--); John T. Whittle was born 3 Apr 1880?; Josepn T. Fincher stated in his diary: "Calla had fine son born 3 April 1880."155

Known children of John T.4 Whittle and Louise (--?--) were as follows:

21. Clinton4 Whittle (Amanda3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Clinton married Ada Fackler; Clinton Whittle was born before Jun 1888 in Georgia; Clinton Whittle died before 1930 in Georgia.159

Known children of Clinton4 Whittle and Ada Fackler were:

22. Nell4 Whittle (Amanda3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Nell Whittle was born 6 Sep 1888;160 Nell married Ernest P. Sappington;161,162 Nell Whittle died 27 Oct 1952 at age 64;163 bur. in Glenwood Cemetery, Thomaston, Upson County, Georgia.164

Ernest P. Sappington. Ernest P. Sappington was born on 5 Oct 1882.165 Ernest P. Sappington died on 2 Mar 1950 at age 67.166 He was buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Thomaston, Upson County, Georgia.167

Known children of Nell4 Whittle and Ernest P. Sappington were:

23. Lois4 Whittle (Amanda3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Lois married B. F. Williamson Jr.

Known children of Lois4 Whittle and B. F. Williamson Jr. were:

24. Maude4 Whittle (Amanda3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Maude married J. Lawton Johnson.169

Known children of Maude4 Whittle and J. Lawton Johnson were:

25. Emma4 Fincher (George3, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Emma married Julian Michael Frix;170 Emma Fincher was born "02 Aug 1880- 1889" in Georgia;171,172 Emma Fincher died 28 Jun 1902;173,174 bur. in Methodist Church Cemetery, Zebulon, Pike County, Georgia; her tombstone is inscribed, Emma Fincher, Beloved wife of J. M. Frix.175,176

Julian Michael Frix. Julian Michael Frix was born in 1880.177 Julian Michael Frix died in 1959.178

Known children of Emma4 Fincher and Julian Michael Frix were:

26. Etta4 Fincher (George3, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Etta Fincher was born 9 Feb 1882;183 At age 17 Etta married Benjamin Franklin Starr 21 Dec 1899;184 bur. in Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia;185 Etta Fincher died 8 Apr 1978 in Carrolton, Georgia, at age 96.186

Benjamin Franklin Starr. Benjamin Franklin Starr was born in 1876.187 He was buried in Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.188 Benjamin Franklin Starr died on 13 Feb 1966.189

Known children of Etta4 Fincher and Benjamin Franklin Starr were as follows:

27. Herman Claude4 Fincher (George3, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Herman Claude Fincher was born 28 Jan 1884 in Pike County, Georgia;196 At age 21 Herman married Julia Elrod 28 May 1905;197,198 Herman married Cora Drinkard;199 Herman Claude Fincher died 1940?200

Julia Elrod. Julia Elrod was born in 1882.201 Julia Elrod died in 1928.202

Known children of Herman Claude4 Fincher and Julia Elrod were:

Cora Drinkard. Cora Drinkard was born in 1892.205 Cora Drinkard died in 1978.206

There were no known children of Herman Claude4 Fincher and Cora Drinkard.

28. Ethan Travis4 Fincher, Sr. (George3, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Ethan Travis Fincher, Sr. was born 28 Apr 1889 in Zebulon, Pike County, Georgia;207 At age 24 Ethan married Kitty Louise Freeman, daughter of Josiah Pendergrass Freeman and Emma Snow, 11 Feb 1914, in Social Circle, Georgia;208 Ethan Travis Fincher, Sr. died 17 Dec 1936 in LaGrange, Georgia, at age 47.209

Kitty Louise Freeman. Kitty Louise Freeman was born on 19 Aug 1895 in Social Circle, Georgia.210 Kitty Louise Freeman died on 17 Feb 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia, at age 78.211

Known children of Ethan Travis4 Fincher, Sr. and Kitty Louise Freeman were as follows:

29. Clifford4 Reid (Eliza3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Clifford married Blanche Woodruff; Clifford Reid was born circa 1887.221

Known children of Clifford4 Reid and Blanche Woodruff were:

30. Joseph Clarence4 Reid (Eliza3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Joseph Clarence Reid was born 26 Jul 1891 in Pike County, Georgia; At age 29 Joseph married Erma Gladys King 2 Oct 1920, in Round Oak, Georgia; Joseph Clarence Reid died 27 Jan 1978 in Pike County?, Georgia, at age 86;224 bur. in Fincher Memorial Cemetery, Meansville, Pike County, Georgia.225

Erma Gladys King. Erma Gladys King was born on 20 Dec 1895. Erma Gladys King died on 22 Feb 1981 in Pike County?, Georgia, at age 85.226 She was buried in Fincher Memorial Cemetery, Meansville, Pike County, Georgia.227

Known children of Joseph Clarence4 Reid and Erma Gladys King were as follows:

31. Samuel4 Slade Sr. (Gilliard3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Samuel married Gladys (--?--).229

Known children of Samuel4 Slade Sr. and Gladys (--?--) were as follows:

32. Raymond4 Slade Sr. (Gilliard3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Raymond married Ida (--?--).230

Known children of Raymond4 Slade Sr. and Ida (--?--) were:

33. Clem4 Slade (Gilliard3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Clem married Estell Trippe.231

Known children of Clem4 Slade and Estell Trippe were as follows:

34. Claude4 Slade (Gilliard3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Claude married Lessie (--?--).232

Known children of Claude4 Slade and Lessie (--?--) were:

35. Hattie Maie4 Fincher (James3, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Hattie Maie Fincher was born either 28 Oct 1893 or Nov 1893 in Pike County, Georgia; Hattie married Jesse Allen Owens 10 Jun 1913; Hattie Maie Fincher died 1984 in Miami, Florida.

Jesse Allen Owens. Jesse Allen Owens was born on 9 May 1886 in Buckshaw, Georgia. Jesse Allen Owens died in Feb 1969 in Miami, Florida, at age 82.

Known children of Hattie Maie4 Fincher and Jesse Allen Owens were:

36. Annie Laurie4 Fincher (James3, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Annie Laurie Fincher was born 25 Sep 1896 in Pike County, Georgia;233,234 At age 22 Annie married James Pruett Fitzpatrick, Sr., 18 Dec 1918, in Macon, Bibb County, Georgia; Annie Laurie Fincher died 28 May 1984 in Americus, Georgia, at age 87.235

James Pruett Fitzpatrick, Sr.,. James Pruett Fitzpatrick, Sr., was born on 19 Sep 1886.236 James married Annie Laurie Aldrich before 1914.237 James Pruett Fitzpatrick, Sr., died on 14 May 1948 in Macon, Georgia, at age 61.238 He was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Macon, Bibb County, Georgia.239

Known children of Annie Laurie4 Fincher and James Pruett Fitzpatrick, Sr., were as follows:

37. James Travis4 Fincher, Jr (James3, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); James Travis Fincher, Jr was born 12 Jul 1905 in Pike County, Georgia; m. Almeda Demarius Hines, daughter of Newton Lafayette Hines and Samantha Elizabeth Nix, 15 Aug 1936 in Deland, Florida; James was on a job for Automatic Sprinkler Corporation at the time, working in Ormond Beach, Florida. He asked Almeda to fly down from Atlanta and marry him. He picked her up in Jacksonville, and they were married at the home of Rev. Murphy, a Methodist minister in Deland, Florida. Jim and Almeda had met at Georgia Baptist Hospital while she was in nurses' training. Jim's cousin, James Harvey, was in the hospital recovering from surgery for appendicitis. He liked Almeda so much that he wanted her to date his cousin, who he said was an architect. After being introduced to one another by James, Almeda and Jim arranged to meet out on the street corner to go on their first date because she was still a probationer and wasn't supposed to date;244,245 James Travis died 7 Apr 1972, at home, Pell City, St. Clair County, Alabama, at age 66; of stomach cancer; Rev. John Drawhorn preached Jimmie's funeral at Eden Methodist Church in Pell City, Alabama. The small church was completely full with friends and family coming to pay their respects. After a graveside service, he was buried at Fincher Memorial Cemetery, Meansville, Pike County, Georgia.

Almeda Demarius Hines is still living.

Known children of James Travis4 Fincher, Jr and Almeda Demarius Hines are as follows:

38. Lillian Maude4 Cates (Sarah3Fincher, Martha2Brooks, Thomas1); Lillian Maude Cates was born 10 Sep 1901 in Macon, Bibb County, Georgia;246 At age 20 Lillian married Lucius Lazarus Williams 9 Mar 1922, in Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, Georgia;247 Lillian Maude Cates died 10 Dec 1958 in Jacksonville, Duvall County, Florida, at age 57.248

Lucius Lazarus Williams. Lucius Lazarus Williams was born in 1899.249 Lucius Lazarus Williams died in 1982.250

Known children of Lillian Maude4 Cates and Lucius Lazarus Williams were:

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