Mary Perry Horn Fincher
1805 - 1901

Mary Perry Horn Fincher         My great-great grandmother, Mary Perry Horn, was born 12 August 1805 in South Carolina and died 15 April 1901 in Amity, Clark County, Arkansas.  Her parents are thought to be Ezekiel and Dorcas Perry Horn, but this relationship has not been adequately documented.  It is believed that the Perry family came from Ireland.  She and Joseph Fincher were married in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, on 5 February 1822.  Joseph was 42 years old and Mary 16 at the time of their marriage.  Because of the mention in his will of daughters, Bethiah and Betsy T. Fincher, it can be assumed that Joseph had a previous marriage, perhaps about 1800?  Census records show at least three children, living in Joseph's home, were born before 1820.
       Joseph and Mary's first child, Joseph Travis (my great grandfather), was born 1 June 1823 in North Carolina.  Shortly after the birth of their son, Joseph and Mary moved from Mecklenburg County to Pike County, Georgia.  They had two other children, Louisa Frances, born 1828, and William Jonathan, born 28 December 1844.  Mary and Joseph donated the land for the Fincher Cemetery and Fincher Methodist Church in Meansville, Pike County.  Joseph died in 1854 and is buried in Fincher Memorial Cemetery.
        In December 1888 Mary moved from Pike County to Potter Township, Polk County, Arkansas, with the families of her son Jonathan and granddaughter Mat Evans (daughter of Joseph Travis).  She is buried in Jones Cemetery, Amity, Arkansas.

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