Will of John Means of Blount County, Tennessee

    I John Means of the County of Blount and state of Tennessee do make and publish this as my last will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made being weak of body but sound in mind and aware of the certainity [sic] of death Do commit my sperit to God who gave it and body to the dust from whence it was taken being assured that it will be raised at the last day when Soul and Body will be united.    I also make the following distribution of my worldly substance vz,   1. first after my death I allow all my just debts and funeral expenses to be paid out of any money or property I may die seized and possed [possessed] of.   2nd I will and bequeth to my son William my daughters Mary S. and Nancy T Means my Farm I now live on and the farm known as the Fowler farm both amounting to one Hundred and ninety two acres to be equally divided between them according to quantity and quality and if they can not agree among themselves in the division of the above named lands each one is to choose a disinterested person to make the division of the above named lands   the Meadows to be included in the division of the land.   3rd I will and bequeath to my Son William Means the house he now lives in and the privelege of cooking in the kitchen at the stove.   4th I will and bequeath to my two daughters Mary S. and Nancy T Means my dwelling house and kitchen together with all the furniture.  5th I will and bequeath to my daughter Nancy T. Means my clock and also one Brown Mare called Fan.   6th I allow my son William and my two daughters Mary S and Nancy T Means equal interest in my Barn and Stables and also my Cribs. And also equal interest in the well and milk house and my part of the Hoggs and Sheep to be devided between Mary S and Nancy T. Means as they may choose.   7th I allow my Interest in one Grey Mare and five head of mules to be sold at the discression my executors when ever they may think it will be most to the interest of the Estate and William Consents   8th I allow my daughter Mary S Means Eighty Dollars to be paid by my Executors out of the money arising from the sale of my stock and provided there should not be enough after paying other demands I allow the colt of the mare honey gets to be sold at three years old or sooner if it is believed to be for the Interest of the estate to make it less(?) and if there should be a surplus after paying the bequest it is to be equally devided between William Mary S. and Nancy T Means.   9th I allow the two horse waggon that Madison Coward owes me to be kept on the farm for the benefit of William Mary S and Nancy T. Means I allow my part of the farming utensils to go to the benefits of Mary S. and Nancy Means, also my part of the Geans(?) and my saddle to Williams son John and also my family Bible and the rest of my Libra [Library?] to Mary and Nancy Means.   The wood(?) Mill and Cross cut saw to be left in the fence(?) for the benefit of all each having equal interest in them.   10th I will and bequeath to my son William Means my undivided interest in the estate of William Means Decd which purchased from Isabella and Isah Dotsen being Means(?) at Law.   In conclusion my son Beard N.(?) Means and my daughter Sarah Wear I have given them their portion heretofore and if there should be any of my legatees dissatisfied with this my last will and Testament and attempt to break it they will thereby forfit their interest therein. Lastly and finally I do hereby constitute and appoint Samuel D. Means and Nancy N. C.(?) Caruthers Executors of this my last will and Testament in Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 14th day of November 1852.
            John Means    [Seal]
Signed in our presence
attest    ) David McKamy
            ) Robert B. Strain(?)

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