Blount County, Tennessee, Land Grant to James Means

Acreage: 243, 2 rods, 14 poles
Date: 14 May 1810
Number 1059
Book 2-1, p.183; Book 2, p.184
The State of Tennessee
To All To Whom These Presents Shall Come--Greeting
Know Ye That in Pursuance of an Act of the General Assembly passed on the twenty third day of November Eighteen Hundred and nine there is granted by the Said State of Tennessee unto James Means a certain tract or parcel of land and containing Two hundred and forty three acres two rods and fourteen poles lying in the County of Blount in the District South of French Broad and Holston on the waters of six mile Creek there being due and chargeable on said land the sum of two hundred forty three Dollars & sixty cents with the interest due thereon Beginning at a post oak and running with Vacant [Land / Knobs / Hills ?] North thirty one East thirty seven Chains and eight tenths to a white oak North sixty four East sixty three Chains and six tenths to a black oak saplin then with William Means South eight East sixty chains to a poplar South thirty East twenty Chains and three tenths to a stake South fifteen East forty nine Chains to a    ?    besun then with Jonathan Laird South fifty seven and a half West forty two chains and six Tenths to a walnut then with Caroline Miller North one and three fourths West seventeen Chains and two tenths to a white oak North sixty six and a fourth West sixteen chains to a hickory South sixty two and a half West thirty nine chains and four tenths to a Stake North fifteen West with Coleman Knight eighty three Chains and eight tenths to the Beginning.

Surveyed April the ninth Eighteen hundred and seven With its appurtenances to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances to the Said James Means and his heirs and assigns in Witness whereof Willie Blount Governor of the State of Tennessee shall hereunto set his hand and    ?    The great seal of Tennessee on the fourteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ten and American Independence the Thirty fourth

By the Governor                              Willie Blount
W G Blount [Secretary?]

Transcribed by Linda Wood, October 1999, from "Tennessee Land Grants." Microfilm at Maryville Public Library, Blount County, Tennessee.

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