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   Hello, and welcome to my genealogy website. My interests include genealogy, Civil War history, travel, and our family -- especially granddaughters, Sarah Jane and Martha Wood.  
      Please understand that this site should change frequently. Hopefully, it will be a helpful resource for researchers interested in one or more of the surnames featured.
    The site is dedicated to my research of family history.  My mom and dad, "Boots" Fincher Donalson and James Travis Fincher, have been principal influences on my 40+ years of searching for family.
     A primary goal of these pages is to share with other researchers who have a desire not only to discover ancestors' names, dates, and places, but also to bring past scenes and people to life.
     My great grandfather, Joseph Travis Fincher of Pike County, Georgia, managed to record and save his insights and emotions about family in many letters written during the Civil War years and daily journals of the latter years of the 19th century.  He expressed his wartime loneliness and love of home and family in these words:
      "At night when I walk my lonely post at the hour of mid night, my thoughts dwell on home.  While I at a late hour of the night watch my post, I well remember your situation at home and wonder to my self if I ever shall see my home and family a gane, and then I am driven to the Conclusion that it is unsertin tho I endeaver to feeal reconsiled to the will of the lord...If I live until the ware is over I will be in a hurry to get home -- home the plesentest place in all this world."

Brother Ray and Mom, 1938
My mom and brother Ray, 1938
To learn more of Joseph's adventures in the Civil War, please visit his story at "Civil War Through the Eyes of a Common Soldier."

In addition, a collection of 19th century Fincher family papers, including portions of diaries, letters, and receipts is under construction.

Also see the 1907 Census of Civil War Veterans and Widows of Pike County, Georgia.

I'm employed at Samford University, which hosts a well-known Genealogical Institute every year.  If you're interested in finding out about Samford, you might enjoy a visit to my departmental web pages at the Department of Biology.

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."
            - Marcus Tullius Cicero

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